Borro for Small Business

A timely and flexible source of capital for your business

Borro eases a company’s cash flow and investment capital pressures

“Cash is king” is a timeless adage well known to entrepreneurs and small business owners, and for good reason.  

Temporary gaps in cash flow are often the reason that otherwise promising businesses fail, or fail to realize their full potential due to underinvestment.   Borro provides a timely and flexible source of capital for your business without the typical delays, rejections, complexity or burdensome paperwork of banks and alternative lenders.

With Borro, obtaining a business loan is simple.  Our sole lending criterion is the value of your luxury asset(s) we hold as collateral.  

How can Borro help you

A Line of Credit to Bridge Gaps in Cash Flow

Our Luxury Line of Credit provides credit lines up to $5,000,000 with same day wiring of requested funds

Investment Capital to Grow Your Business

Business loans from $2500-$5,000,000 with flexible terms, monthly payments and no intrusive documentation requirements.

A Better Alternative Source of Business Capital

Borro loans require no personal guarantee, daily payments or other “wicked bargain” terms prevalent among alternative lenders.

How Small Business Owners Use Borro

Dewey Burke diamond jewelry diamond jewelry diamond jewelry diamond jewelry GET YOUR LOAN Using Existing Fine Jewelry Inventory as Loan Collateral to Finance Inventory Expansion

Borrower Type: Small Business

Situation Summary: A jewelry trading company had an opportunity to augment inventory with some time-sensitive additions, but because the opportunity arose during its slow season, did not have adequate cash flow to finance it. Traditional lenders were not an option for this type of business.

Loan Amount: $150,000

Luxury Asset(s) Used for Collateral: Several fine jewelry assets

Transaction Timeframe: Seven days

Result: Additional inventory acquired. After income production picked up a few months later, the Borro loan was repaid and the client’s assets were returned.


Using Your Luxury Assets to Obtain a Short-Term Loan is Fast and Easy

Get up to $5,000,000+ in 1-3 days with no personal guarantee, no credit check, and virtually no paperwork. Our fast and secure process has earned the trust of over 15,000 people just like you, and has made us the leading provider of luxury asset-based collateralized loans.

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Apply online or over the phone right from your house with your contact information, how much you are looking to borrow and a detailed description of your asset(s). It's quick and easy!


Ship us your asset(s) for a final valuation. We will email you a shipping label and coordinate the pick up of your asset(s) from your home, which is insured and fully paid for in most cases by us.


You’ll receive a final offer & contract electronically via DocuSign. Electronically sign & Borro will immediately send funds via wire/ACH. Your asset(s) are photographed, labeled & barcoded & then stored in our secure vaults.


You can also pick up your assets at our New York or Denver office. You can choose to continue to store your assets with us at no cost, through our Luxury Line of Credit product, giving you same-day access to funding with just a phone call.


New York Office – Midtown Manhattan

110 W 40th Street

New York, NY 10018