Borro Announcement

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 We are very proud to announce that Luxury Asset Capital has acquired Borro. We are now a company that has closed over 20,000 transactions and funded close to half a billion dollars in loans. I am really excited about Borro now being owned by Luxury Asset Capital because it means I’m able to help […]

Video – About Us

Borro by Luxury Asset Capital

 We saw an opportunity in the marketplace with a business that was already existing, borrowing money against your luxury assets and taking it both upmarket and online, making it easier, sort of Amazoning this industry, allowing for clients to ship their assets to us, deal with us exclusively online, get a wire and not […]

Video – Meet The Team

The Borro team of employees

The Borro team brings together decades of thought leadership and success from the disciplines of collateral lending and luxury assets. 

Video – Assets We Accept

Luxury assets

Are you wondering if the asset you have is one that we accept? Assets accepted include watches, diamonds, jewelry, designer handbags and accessories, luxury cars, gold and precious metals, musical instruments, electronics, and planes. We will also accept real estate as collateral in certain situations and only if it is owned free and clear.