Borro Announcement

Borro Announcement

We are very proud to announce that Luxury Asset Capital has acquired Borro. We are now a company that has closed over 20,000 transactions and funded close to half a billion dollars in loans.

I am really excited about Borro now being owned by Luxury Asset Capital because it means I’m able to help more clients. I’m able to look at a broader range of luxury assets. We have a wider variation in the number of loans that we can offer.

Moving forward, our company now has expanded its geographic reach with offices in both Denver and our new office in New York in Bryant Park. We have grown our teams substantially, which ultimately allows us to continue to serve our clients and also expand our corporate and strategic partnerships Luxury Asset Capital has a demonstrated commitment to expanding the partnership program.

We’re excited to provide our partners with customizable loans, fast funding, access to our in-house specialists and our extensive network.

For those of you who have used Borro in the past, you’ll now find Borro offering greater flexibility, loans in the amount of 25 hundred dollars up to 5 million dollars or more and against a wider range of assets.

A Better Borro, Built Around You, By Luxury Asset Capital


Dewey Burke
Founder & CEO
Luxury Asset Capital



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