We’re In The News – New Partnership with Vintage Motor Management

We’re In The News – New Partnership with Vintage Motor Management

Borro was featured in Yahoo Finance, full article below.

Luxury Asset Capital and Vintage Motor Management Partner to Serve the Classic, Vintage and Sports Car Collector Community

The partnership provides a range of expert services for collectors and enthusiasts using their automobiles as collateral for Luxury Asset Capital loans

Luxury Asset CapitalTM, a leading provider of alternative financing, and Vintage Motor Management, a specialized classic, vintage, and sports car collection management service announced today that Vintage Motor Management is a strategic advisor and service provider to Luxury Asset Capital and its subsidiaries for matters including its valuation of classic, vintage and sports cars as part of its loan underwriting process, and care and storage of automobile assets being held as collateral. Vintage Motor Management will also manage the sale of vehicles clients of Luxury Asset Capital wish to liquidate.

Luxury Asset Capital and its subsidiaries, including the recently acquired Borro Private Finance, have been the leading providers of non-bank lending that use the borrower’s luxury assets as collateral for over 12 years, pioneering the strategies of targeting upscale markets and offering online servicing and fulfillment to a nationwide market. The firm has provided over $450,000,000 in loans to over 15,000 individuals and businesses, a high-percentage of whom have taken out more than one loan.

Luxury Asset Capital presents classic automobile collectors and enthusiasts with extremely attractive means of quickly generating additional capital without being rushed into a sale. Its services enable them to retain ownership of their automobiles by leveraging them as loan collateral, or, alternatively, providing capital in advance while Vintage Motor Management experts carefully manage the sale of a vehicle.

Vintage Motor Management provides seamless and fully integrated management of classic, vintage, and sports car collection assets to maintain and enhance the value of a collector’s experience. It offers the total client experience from acquisition through management and activities such as concours, rallies, and races. Its work is highly customized to each collector’s needs and expectations, matching them with the right automobiles, service, management, investment, and experiences.

“Vintage Motor Management’s philosophy about car collecting is simple; it’s about making good decisions about what to acquire, how to increase value, and ultimately how best to enjoy your collection,” said Matt Peckham, Founder of Vintage Motor Management. “Our partnership with Luxury Asset Capital provides them with deep expertise on these amazing parts of automotive history, particularly with regard to the accurate valuation, and ensuring that automobile assets are properly cared for and secured while held as loan collateral.”

“These types of automobiles are highly specialized assets, and those who own them are highly discerning about who they listen to. The Vintage Motor Management team is among the most trusted advisors and service providers to the collector community,” said Dewey Burke, Founder and CEO of Luxury Asset Capital. “One of the qualities Luxury Asset Capital prides itself on is the deep expertise we can bring to properly valuing and caring for our clients’ luxury assets. This partnership with Vintage Motor Management gives us access to expert classic, vintage, and sports car resources that are unparalleled in the lending industry.”

While tens of millions of Americans use collateralized financing as a financial management strategy, Luxury Asset Capital is broadening the clientele benefiting from loans using luxury assets including collectible and classic automobiles, luxury watches, fine jewelry and diamonds, designer handbags and accessories, gold and precious metals, other auction-quality assets, luxury real estate, and guaranteed sports and entertainment contracts. Its offerings target the middle and upper-income segments as even those with substantial wealth and income face situations where quickly and easily gaining access to capital can realize opportunities or resolve problems as they arise. The company’s attractive rates relative to other alternative finance providers and the ability to provide capital in as little as one business day, coupled with industry-standard-setting levels of transparency, convenience, and service are making Luxury Asset Capital and its subsidiaries an ongoing financial resource to its clients alongside their accountants, banks, and financial advisors.


Vintage Motor Management provides services that assist its clients in acquiring, managing, and enjoying their collector cars, working with their specific tastes and objectives to analyze, consult, recommend and acquire the best cars and prepare them to be presented or driven. Our professional staff and network of experts offer impartial, conflict-free guidance to preserve and increase collection value by managing all the details, from research, to restoration, to maintenance, and everything in between. For more information, please visit www.vintagemotormanagement.com.


Luxury Asset Capital is a leader in the alternative financing market, with over 20,000 loans and over $450,000,000 funded since its inception. We are a private lender to individuals and businesses in exchange for luxury assets that are held as collateral when traditional channels of financing are either too slow, invasive, burdensome, or, in some cases, unavailable. We unlock the equity in a wide range of assets that are high in value but low in liquidity and execute transactions from thousands to millions of dollars in as little as one business day. Please visit our main lending site at www.borro.com or our corporate site at www.luxuryassetcapital.com.

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