Video – Your Assets Journey

Video – Your Assets Journey

You have completed your application online and sent us the photos, now what? Our team will review your application and send you an initial offer that outlines the loan terms for the asset. If you accept our offer, you will be sent a prepaid FedEx shipping label via email that you can print to send the asset to us. We cover all of the shipping costs so you only need to print the label and then either arrange for FedEx to pick up the asset or go to your closest FedEx office to drop it off. The insurance coverage of the asset begins once it is on the way to us. We then track the assets and they are delivered by 10am on the scheduled day of arrival. Once we receive your package our team works to evaluate the asset and then we send you the final offer in a contract that also explains your payment options. Once the contract has been signed, Deah will take the asset and photograph it, enter the asset in our system and get a unique bar code for the asset before it gets stored in our vault. Your asset will not be touched, with the exception of our quarterly audits, until you have paid off the loan and at that time, the asset is re-packed properly and shipped back to you. We cover the return shipping and insure the asset while being shipped as well. We take care of your asset as if it were our own and we make sure it is safe from start to finish.


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