Video – Why Trust Us

Video – Why Trust Us

Since 2008 We Have Helped Over 15,000 People Just Like You Meet Business and Personal Financial Deadlines

Borro’s only business is luxury asset-based collateralized lending. We are the market-leading financial services provider in this category, with over $450,000,000 in loans provided to over 15,000 clients since 2008.

Our team is comprised of trusted experts in multiple luxury asset classes and they can help you fully understand the financial potential of your luxury assets.

We provide a highly-personalized service, accepting a broad range of luxury assets, structuring flexible loan terms, and offering innovative products to meet your individual needs.


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Silver The New Precious Metal

Silver: The New Precious Metal?

Silver is one of the oldest precious metals known to man and has been used for jewelry, coins, and other decorative items for centuries. The precious metal silver has long been overshadowed by its counterparts gold and platinum.