Video – Why Alternative Financing vs. Traditional Financing

Video – Why Alternative Financing vs. Traditional Financing

What is important about our business especially when you think of it relative to traditional financing is how discreet it is, how not invasive it is. When you think about going to a traditional bank and trying to borrow money, what are they going to ask you for? They want your W2s if you have them, maybe you’re a K-1 employee. They want three years of tax returns. They want forward-looking financials. All of these disclosures, everything you have to sign to allow them to maybe fit you into their debt to income ratio, so they just might allow for their underwriters to say, “Yes. We’ll give you a loan

For us, we take a simple approach. We say, “You have an asset. You own it free and clear. When we can get comfortable on the value of it, we can get you a loan as little as a day and it’s discreet. We don’t run your credit. We don’t ask for your personal financial history. We don’t even have your social security number. It’s about the value of your asset. How much money can we get you and how quickly can we do it?” And you’re not going to feel like we’ve been inside your financial life in history for the past three to four years. We just worry about the asset and how we can help you the fastest.


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