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Luxury Asset Financing Expert Dewey Burke Featured On Fox Business Network

If you missed the national Fox Business interview with Dewey Burke, Founder and CEO of Luxury Asset Capital, watch this fascinating interview to find out why high net worth individuals are using luxury assets to unlock liquidity.


Chief Executive Officer​

NEW YORK – April 12, 2024 – PRLog — In the world of luxury, assets hold a special place. From rare collectibles to high-end jewelry, luxury assets not only represent a symbol of status and wealth but also serve as an excellent investment opportunity. However, there may come a time when one needs immediate liquidity or funds to seize a new opportunity, expand a business, or cover unexpected expenses. This is where luxury asset loans step in, offering a unique financial solution that allows individuals to leverage their valuable possessions without the need to sell them.

Dewey Burke is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Luxury Asset Capital, a leader in alternative finance. Under his leadership, the company acquired its two largest competitors, Borro (January 2019) and Beverly Hills / New York Loan Company (December 2021). Their brands have loaned over one billion dollars to tens of thousands of clients across the country, making Luxury Asset Capital the nation’s largest privately-held provider of non-bank loans that use borrowers’ luxury assets as collateral.

With interest rates still unclear, along with the tightening of standard lending criteria among conventional bridging firms, the alternative finance market is a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry that is changing the way individuals and businesses access funding and invest their money.

If you missed Dewey Burke’s interview that previously aired on Fox Business as sponsored content on Saturday, January 27, 2024, watch it on the link below to find out why luxury asset lending is more attractive than ever.

The global alternative finance market was valued at $173.9 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $920.9 billion by 2032. It is no surprise luxury asset financing has become a booming industry.

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Luxury Asset Capital® is a leader in the alternative financing market, with tens of thousands of transactions and over one billion dollars in loans funded by its Borro, New York Loan Company, and Beverly Loan Company brands since inception. They are a private lender to individuals and businesses in exchange for luxury assets that are held as collateral when traditional channels of financing are either too slow, invasive, burdensome or, in some cases, unavailable. They unlock the equity in a wide range of assets that are high in value but low in liquidity and execute transactions from thousands to millions of dollars in as little as one hour.

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