Collateral Loans Provide Investors With Fast Access to Capital to Cover Margin Calls and Capitalize on Outstanding Buying Opportunities

Collateral Loans Provide Investors With Fast Access to Capital to Cover Margin Calls and Capitalize on Outstanding Buying Opportunities

The old saying, “in any crisis, guard against the danger but recognize the opportunity” applies to the current investing situation. Uncertainty about the timing and extent of an economic recovery brought by COVID-19 has driven double-digit reductions in the price of many securities, in addition to significant market volatility. This has created both danger and opportunity for investors.

The need for capital – This havoc has no doubt reduced the value of many portfolios, creating situations for investors that call for fast access to capital. In some cases, it’s settling margin calls by highly-leveraged investors whose portfolio values have plummeted. In other cases, the reduction of stock prices has created opportunities to buy the stock of good companies at depressed prices. Many investors may be hesitant to sell securities to raise capital if doing so would either result in losses or a loss of longer-term potential upside in a stock. The high volatility at present is making those decisions that much harder. Other possible sources of capital may be available to investors, include tapping margin or retirement accounts, a home equity line of credit, credit card cash advances, or selling hard assets, all of which have potential advantages and disadvantages.

Enter the collateral loan – Another source of capital that investors should consider is a collateral loan. Collateral loans are a reliable, fast, and easy way to access cash with no credit check, credit history, or financial disclosures. Instead, investors can get a loan by using luxury assets they already own, including luxury & classic cars, luxury watches, fine jewelry & diamonds, gold & precious metals, designer handbag & accessories, premier auction house collateral, luxury real estate, and even guaranteed sports & entertainment contracts. Many don’t realize that owning these assets can make the most flexible, convenient, and immediate funding options available at moments when cash needs are unexpected and urgent. Borro is the leading national provider of collateral loans, having provided $450,000,000 in loans to over 15,000 investors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and others.

Borro’s collateral loans range in size from $2,500 to over 5,000,000 and are based on the value of the asset or assets the individual decides to use for collateral. The capital can be used for any reason with cash available in as little as 48 hours. For those awaiting Federal or State government Coronavirus-related financial assistance, a Borro collateral loan is an easy and convenient way to replenish or maintain liquidity until that funding arrives.

Who is Borro? Borro, a Luxury Asset Capital® brand, is the leader in confidential loans that use the borrower’s luxury assets as collateral. We are a timely alternative to traditional loans that are often either too slow, invasive & burdensome or, in some cases, unavailable. We unlock the equity in a wide range of luxury assets that are high in value but low in liquidity and execute transactions from thousands to millions of dollars in as little as one business day.

We were established to provide capital to individuals at critical moments because we can be trusted to move quickly and confidentially to meet individual and business financial deadlines. We have been a lender to over 15,000 clients, providing over $450 million in loans since our founding in 2008. Borro’s industry-standard-setting levels of transparency, convenience, and service are making Borro the leader in trusted, alternative loan solutions.

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