Unlock the Equity of Fine Art Without Selling

The rare beauty of fine art contributes to its intrinsic value and the reluctance of many collectors and art professionals to make hasty sales of their fine art assets when capital is needed. Borro provides an attractive alternative to selling by enabling individuals and galleries to use their fine art assets as loan collateral.
  • Minimum Loan: $25,000
  • Fine art assets with an appraised value of $60,000+
  • Fine art assets accepted include Post-War and Contemporary Art, Prints/Multiples, American Art, Impressionist, and Modern Art.
  • To be considered for acceptance as collateral, prospective borrowers must provide proof of ownership along with detailed provenance documentation. All art assets intended to be used as collateral must be inspected by Borro’s underwriters prior to the closure of any loan transaction.

Slide Roy Lichtenstein, Lithograph
Auction Estimate
150,000—200,000 USD
Loan value $60,000
Slide Pablo Picasso, Portrait Signed and numbered in crayon on paper
Auction Estimate
120,000—180,000 USD
Loan value $50,000


Our process provides a fast, accurate, and fair valuation of your fine art asset

We take into account the artist, the uniqueness and provenance of the piece, the strength of the attribution, the supply/demand balance, and any data we can locate from auction, gallery, and private-sale records including databases.

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Tell Us About Your Fine Art Asset

Contact us to provide a detailed description including a photo, ownership, provenance, and appraisal documentation. Once received, we will begin the evaluation.

Submit for Our Detailed Valuation

We will make arrangements with you to obtain your fine art asset(s) for inspection by our valuation experts and underwriters. Your asset will be fully insured during shipment and while in our possession.

Final Valuation and Final Loan Offer

Borro’s internal and external valuation experts will inspect your asset and based on that valuation we will give you a final loan quote.


You can also pick up your assets at our New York or Denver office. You can choose to continue to store your assets with us at no cost, through our Luxury Line of Credit product, giving you same-day access to funding with just a phone call.


Dewey Burke GET YOUR LOAN Working Capital for Business

Situation Summary: A small business owner needed quick funding for a time-sensitive inventory purchase. The client came to Borro for the kind of speed of service a traditional bank could not achieve.

Loan Amount: $170k Short Term Loan

Result: Borro completed it’s evaluation and underwriting, securely stored the piece on behalf of the client, and funded the capital required in 4 business days.

The liquidity Borro provided allowed for the client to yield a 44% gross margin on sales of the inventory purchased
Dewey Burke GET YOUR LOAN Art Acquisition

Situation Summary: Gallery owner was presented with the opportunity to buy several Pop Art works to add to their portfolio, but it was a time sensitive transaction.

Loan Amount: $200k Loan for Purchase

Result: Borro advanced funds secured using the works, and also leveraged existing relationships to negotiate more favorable auction fees for the client.

The gallery owner purchased the pieces using liquidity from Borro, and ended up selling another piece before paying off the loan.
Dewey Burke GET YOUR LOAN Real Estate Purchase

Situation Summary: Client was set to close on a real estate deal but was $35,000 short of the capital required to close. The earnest money was non-refundable and without this last portion of capital, the deal was at risk of falling through.

Loan Amount: $35,000 Short Term Loan

Result: Borro secured its loan against a historically important sculpture, closing in only 3 business days. Transport and storage were arranged in less than 48 hours.

The client used the funds to close the real estate transaction, saved the non-refundable cash already in the deal and paid Borro back in 90 days.


Please answer the questions below for a preliminary estimate based on your asset category.

By clicking “ESTIMATE MY LOAN AMOUNT” above, I UNDERSTAND and AGREE that the range displayed on the following page is based solely on the value I inputted. Borro is not bound in any way to the range displayed on the following page and the actual loan value will be determined based on in-person valuation by our experts. This is nothing more than a calculation based on the data inputted by me.


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