Unlock the Equity in Your Other Auction-Quality Assets

There is a broad range of assets outside of our typical asset classes such as watches or jewelry that hold their value over time, for many different reasons. Perhaps they played some part in history or in the life of a historical person, the asset is an object of renowned design or beauty.

  • Minimum Loan: $2,500
  • Typical Loan-to-Value (LTV): Up to 60%
  • Auction-quality assets with an appraised value of $4000+
  • To be considered for acceptance as collateral assets must have been bought or sold through a premier auction house including but not limited to – Christies, Sotheby’s, Skinners, Bonham and Butterfield’s, Heritage, or Doyle.

Slide gold coin 1902 37.5 Ruble Gold Coin
Sev-578 PCGS AU Condition.
Market value $55,000-75,000,
Borro (loan) value $32,500
Slide vintage comic book The Avengers #1 (Marvel, 1963)
CGC NM- 9.2 Off-white to
white pages, Comic Book.
Market value $46,800,
Borro (loan) value $22,250-27,750

Assets from auction houses such as:

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Our process provides a fast, accurate, and fair valuation of your auction-quality asset​

We’ve assembled a team of experts that have deep industry experience as well as third party relationships that worked at Christie’s, Sotheby’s and the other great auction houses. They mine their own experience, dig into auction records, and will reach out to specialty dealers when necessary to make sure our valuation is based on current market conditions.

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Tell Us About Your Auction-Quality Asset

Contact us to provide a detailed description including auction history and any other pertinent info. Based on that we will consult with our auction partners to determine if a loan offer is possible.

Submit Your Asset for Our Detailed Valuation

Send us your other auction-quality asset or bring it into our New York or Denver office so that our auction partners and valuations specialists can perform a detailed review of the asset and paperwork.

We Will Establish Valuation and Provide a Final Loan Quote

After completing our research with the auction houses and confirming the validity of the asset and all provenance, we will make a final loan offer.


You can also pick up your assets at our New York or Denver office. You can choose to continue to store your assets with us at no cost, through our Luxury Line of Credit product, giving you same-day access to funding with just a phone call.


Dewey Burke vintage comic book gold coin Classic comic book vintage luxury cars GET YOUR LOAN Using Premier Auction House Collateral to Grow a Small Business

Borrower Type: Small Business

Situation Summary: A small business owner seeking working capital to add a second location to his business. With dozens of employees and the additional overhead of a second location, he needed quick access to capital to take advantage of the fast-growing number of new clients he was attracting.

Loan Amount: $26,500

Luxury Asset(s) Used for Collateral: The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Twin Cities pedigree (Marvel, 1963) CGC NM- 9.2 Off-white.

Transaction Timeframe: Three Days

Result: Funded the client in 3 short days and he was able to open the 2nd location. Business continued to increase due to the capital Borro provided.


Please answer the questions below for a preliminary estimate based on your asset category.

By clicking “ESTIMATE MY LOAN AMOUNT” above, I UNDERSTAND and AGREE that the range displayed on the following page is based solely on the value I inputted. Borro is not bound in any way to the range displayed on the following page and the actual loan value will be determined based on in-person valuation by our experts. This is nothing more than a calculation based on the data inputted by me.


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