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Borro gives investors an edge with fast, flexible capital

Borro is a trusted resource to investors who need capital to address situations or pursue opportunities.    

Whether it is the unexpected tax bill or margin call that requires immediate resolution, or a buying opportunity that may not be there for long, you can depend on borro to secure capital quickly.  Borro loans are free from the complications of personal guarantees and credit checks, or the future tax liability and lost upside from unplanned securities sales.

We understand that speed and reliability are critical when it comes to investment finance, as is the need to care for and secure the luxury asset you entrust with us as collateral.   That’s why so many investors turn to Borro when there is an urgent need for capital.

How can Borro help you

Use Your Luxury Assets to Stay Liquid

Even if you’re fully leveraged, you don’t have to miss an opportunity or make an untimely sale.

Leverage Your Past to Fund Your Future

Take a larger position in a growing company, obtain bridge funding to close a real estate deal or fund other growth strategies.

Provide Your Investment Safety Net

Tap the equity in your luxury assets should you need to raise capital to cover a margin call, tax bill or some other unexpected expenses.

How Investors Use Borro

Dewey Burke Luxury car Luxury vintage car vintage luxury car Luxury car GET YOUR LOAN Using Classic Automobiles as Loan Collateral to Help Cover an Unexpectedly Large Tax Bill

Borrower Type: Investor

Situation Summary: An investor needed capital to help cover an unexpectedly large tax bill arising from a significant capital gain. Liquidating other invested assets to pay the tax bill was an available, but unattractive option from both market timing and future tax liability perspectives.

Loan Amount: $530,000

Luxury Asset(s) Used for Collateral: Three classic automobiles

Transaction Timeframe: Two Days

Result: Tax bill paid on-time, avoiding penalties and without the need to hastily liquidate other invested assets. When market conditions were more favorable, some assets were liquidated, the Borro loan was repaid and the client’s assets were returned.


Using Your Luxury Assets to Obtain a Short-Term Loan is Fast and Easy

Get up to $5,000,000+ in 1-3 days with no personal guarantee, no credit check, and virtually no paperwork. Our fast and secure process has earned the trust of over 15,000 people just like you, and has made us the leading provider of luxury asset-based collateralized loans.

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Apply online or over the phone right from your house with your contact information, how much you are looking to borrow and a detailed description of your asset(s). It's quick and easy!


Ship us your asset(s) for a final valuation. We will email you a shipping label and coordinate the pick up of your asset(s) from your home, which is insured and fully paid for in most cases by us.


You’ll receive a final offer & contract electronically via DocuSign. Electronically sign & Borro will immediately send funds via wire/ACH. Your asset(s) are photographed, labeled & barcoded & then stored in our secure vaults.


You can also pick up your assets at our New York or Denver office. You can choose to continue to store your assets with us at no cost, through our Luxury Line of Credit product, giving you same-day access to funding with just a phone call.


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