Collateral Loans Backed by Your Modern and Contemporary Art

When an unexpected financial opportunity arises, you don’t have to choose between keeping your prized art collection and accessing the funds you need.

With Borro, you can have both.

Our team of experts in modern and contemporary art will help you unlock the equity in your collection without compromising its safety or value. So say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and complicated procedures and hello to quick and confidential access to the wealth stored in your art collection.

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Borro has been the go-to lender for modern and contemporary art collectors for over ten years.

Our team of experts has earned the trust of thousands of clients by treating their art collections with the utmost care. So turn your art into funds today with Borro.

Serving clients in all 50 states through our industry-leading online lending platform or visiting us in person at one of our flagship locations.

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Our team includes modern and contemporary art experts, ensuring you get the most value out of your collection.


Get cash for your art collection in minutes without lengthy paperwork or procedures.


We value your privacy. Your art secures your loan, and we won’t submit your information to credit bureaus or agencies.


Your art will be safely stored with us while you use it as collateral for your loan.